Neuromuscular Therapy

From Rotator cuff injuries to daily repetitive action, I use mechanics of injuries knowledge, assessments, anatomy, physiology and experience to create specialized effective treatment sessions.

Assessments include:

  • Client History, Posture observation
  • Range of motion, Neuro-dynamic and Orthopedic testing based on client needs.

Neuromuscular Massage Tools:

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Deep Transverse Friction Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Somatic Movement
  • Working knowledge of Orthopedic and Sports Injury Management and Rehabilitation.
  • Pain Education Neuroscience with medical communication skills. 
NOTE: As a gift, we offer a special rate for firefighters, law enforcement, military, and veterans. Contact us here for more information. Often times the last to ask for help and most deserving.


Customized Pain Targeted Treatment Sessions

Customized session using variety of modalities of massage such as Joint mobilization, Stretching, Trigger point work, Acupressure points, Sports massage, ART or active release technique etc. or tools such as therapeutic gun, soft tissue tools or CBD oil. ALL designed for the patient specific results with client comfort in the forefront. 

60 Minutes – $90

90 Minutes – $120

RECUR Member Sessions

  • Members receive Full access to all services and add-ons at a discounted rate. 
  • Convenient automatic billing.
  • Rollover treatments
  • 10% off member pricing for gift certificates and additional appointments.
  • Discounted infrared sauna session
  • Discounted cupping add-on for $15 (saving $14) a session.
  • Discounted TENS unit add on
    • Check out Membership page for more information and Policy Page. 

1 / 60 minute Monthly Member Treatment Session  – $85 (savings of $10)

1 / 90 minute Monthly Member Treatment Session – $105 (savings of $15)

2 / 60 minute Monthly Member Treatment Session – $160 (savings of $20)

2/ 90 minute Monthly Member Treatment Session – $210 (savings of $30)

Military/ Veteran / Law Enforcement / Firefighters

Discounted sessions : A gift to veterans, active or National Guard/Law Enforcement and FireFighters. Often times the last to ask for help and most deserving. Must present a valid military ID, DD214 or other documentation. 

60 Minutes -$75

90 Minutes – $95

120 Minutes – $130


Cupping Session

Cupping session specific for pain area, includes warm up massage with dynamic cupping, and ends with static cupping. Benefits of cupping: stimulate the peripheral nervous system; increase blood flow areas of inflammation; loosen adhesions, and connective tissue. An alternative to compression forces (like massage) on muscles.

45 Minute Cupping Session (multiple areas) – $69

ADD on to regular massage session (1-2 areas) – $29

ADD on Member cupping (1-2) – $15


A professional grade TENS unit sends electrical currants via pads, designed to stimulate nerve sensations. It decreases pain by desensitizing pain receptors or by stimulating the muscle (contract/relax)  response.  Pads stay on about 30 mins while in session.  add ons ad 

TENS UNIT SESSION 1-3 areas 45 min session  – $39

ADD on  (1 or 2 areas) – $29

ADD on Member TENS unit session (1-2) – $15


Infrared sauna session. 

Infrared penetrates 2-3 layers within the body, creating increased blood circulation, assists fluid movement, decreases inflammation by increasing white blood cells. 


Infrared sauna 20min (initial or add on service)  – $29

Infrared sauna 45 min (after initial visit)–$69

Member Infrared sauna (add on) 20 mins – $20 (saving $9)

Member Infrared sauna 45 min – $59 (saving $10)