Meet Kirsten:

Kirsten Spainhower, L.Ac.

Founder & owner of Better Balance Acupuncture + Wellness L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California)  FABORM (Fellow of the American Board of Reproductive Medicine)
MSTCM (Masters in Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, South Baylor University, CA)
NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine)  Balance Method practitioner

She treats all conditions relating to pain, digestive issues, women’s health and fertility (both men/women), anxiety, hormonal issues, muscle pain, headaches, and even dental work pain.

Her dedication to educating and empowering her patients is complimented by her genuine kindness and passion for acupuncture.  Her space is filled with light, lots of greenery and is a clean open space. It seems to be a direct reflection of how she approaches her treatment sessions. She brings a light, an open mindedness and a caring space for sharing and listening. Her attention to her clients needs and wants excels past “what are your symptoms?”; she wants to know as much as you’re willing to share to assist you and your body to heal.    

Better Balance staff seems to confirm, greatness attracts greatness, her hand picked acupuncturists all bring complimentary approaches to the practice. The office staff is going above and beyond basic needs to make sure every client is taken care of, to arranging the rooms and working to accommodate a busy schedule. 


The benefits of cold water exposure are endless and still being discovered today. I had my first Wim Hof experience in 2016 through a friend becoming an instructor. While watching his journey with the training, and also experiencing my benefits of daily cold exposure and breathing practices, I was convinced. I honed in on the ability to connect and be joyous when presented with chaos. Within cold, I noticed I hurt less, moved more, was energized without caffeine and the mindset focused. 

Science is providing the validity to the statements of boosting internal mechanisms of the immune system, changing of body composition, easing inflammation, and even mental capacities like PTSD.  

ENTER: Jason and his team  at Morozko Forge LLC. I had the pleasure of experiencing his tank, at burning man. They are dedicated to sharing knowledge and equipment to help strengthen psychological and physiological health.  

They are leading in the field of bringing daily cold exposure and forward thinking content to your daily lives. By providing tools to invest into yourself and your care. 

The Forge is the first ice bath in the world to maintain freezing temperatures in crystal clear, chlorine-free waters. It facilitates daily practice of deliberate cold exposure for metabolic health, stress inoculation, and building antifragile, psychological resilience.

Phoenix Arizona, USA